Vodafone customer care number, 24×7 Email Or Phone Support

Vodafone Customer Care Number

Vodafone Helpline Number DetailsVodafone Contact Number                                   
Vodafone Customer Care Number Helpline (Short Code)(from Vodafone Number)199
(chargeable at 50p for 3 mins for agent access)                 
Vodafone Customer Care Number Helpline (Short Code)(from Vodafone Number)198
(for complaint handling)
Vodafone Customer Care Number VAS Deactivation155223
Vodafone Customer Care Number Do Not Disturb1909
Vodafone Customer Care Number Data Activation/ Deactivation1925
Vodafone Customer Care Number Televerification 59059
Vodafone Customer Care Number Mobile Number Portability Helpline18001234567
Vodafone Customer Care Number Netsetter Televerification18001201111
Vodafone Customer Care Number COCP/Enterprise55666
Vodafone Customer Care Number Sakhi Helpline1800123100
Vodafone Customer Care Number Emergency Alert (Sakhi Helpline)55100
Vodafone Customer Care Number Auto Renewal Deactivation58142
Vodafone Customer Care Number Billing Hot Key Helpline1111
Vodafone Customer Care Number 3G Hot Key116

24 X 7 Vodafone Customer Care Number State Wised

Circle Name24 X 7 Contact Number*Chargeable at 50p for 3mins
for agent access, if calling from Vodafone number
Gujarat199 / 9825098250
UP (E)199 / 9839098390
Andhra Pradesh199 / 9885098850
Assam199 / 9706097060
BIHAR199 / 9709097090
Haryana199 / 9813098130
Himachal Pradesh199 / 9736097360
Jammu and Kashmir199 / 9796097960
Karnataka199 / 9886098860
Kerala199 / 9846098460
Kolkata199 / 9830098300
Madhya Pradesh199 / 9713097130
Maharashtra and Goa199 / 9823098230
NESA199 / 9774097740
Mumbai199 / 9820098200
Orissa199 / 9776097760
Punjab199 / 9888098880
Rajasthan199 / 9828098280
Rest of Bengal199 / 9732097320
Tamil Nadu199 / 9884098840 / 9843098430
UP (W)199 / 9719097190

Vodafone Customer Care Number

Hello Vodafone is the second-largest telecom company in India, Vodafone has excellent network coverage in India, and Vodafone account is used in most of the rural areas, Vodafone is very focused on its Vodafone customer care number, or support, keeping in mind its customers. , So that all customers using Vodafone network can be satisfied, Vodafone customer care number, available in all languages, which is spoken in India, Vodafone also has many other services, such as Vodafone TV, m-pesa etc., all of these Vodafone customer care numbers are given in this article, all customer care numbers are given in this article Vodafone is used for different services, 

But recently Vodafone and Idea have merged because in today’s era customer needs excellent and cheap service, telecom industry is completely shattered after a big competition in the telecom industry, cutting rates due to bad situation Vodafone It was not easy for, but the situation was not only with Vodafone, other companies were also struggling in the competition, all the customers Going towards a new revolution, where they were getting a free calling and more internet for less money, in the year 2018, 

news and Vodafone merged, now Vodafone and all the customers of Idea got reasonable attractive offers. That too at lower prices, and the network of Idea and Vodafone was also strengthened, it also got a good market share of Idea and Vodafone customers, but Idea and Vodafone’s c Customer service centre, i.e. customer care number is not interchangeable, it is different even today, in this article you have been provided all the customer care numbers of Vodafone, which can be modified for all services, or also for the state. Can be different, you can choose the Vodafone customer care number that comes under your problem, Vodafone Customer Care Number India,


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